Mr and Mrs Etheridge

This beautiful couple married at the stunning Hatton Court, Gloucester.

The day began at the bride's parents beautiful home, where the bridal party ensured that the bride had the most fun before the big day. During the morning, I managed to capture dad reciting his speech away from all the chaos the girls were causing inside. As Jayne’s profession as teacher is more than just a career, so it was important to incorporate the children within her class; the children arrived before Jayne left her childhood home to marry her best friend. Jayne and her bridal party were surprised by the groom's secret transportation in which he organised months prior. The Vintage VW bus arrived promptly full of bunting and champagne to which Jayne and her bridal party instantly loved. After grabbing some shots of the bridal party and her entourage. We sped over to Hatton Court where the bride and groom had some more beautiful details for me to have the honour to photograph. Jayne had commissioned a unique ring box which was engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date; within this a small Lego bride and groom held the couple's wedding rings. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful, the couple maintained complete eye contact which drew their guests into this heartfelt ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple mingled with the guests before they moved to the wedding breakfast and the wonderful speeches began. The father of the bride spoke beautifully and did not need to worry about preparing for this prior. The groom Glen gave a heartfelt speech and not a dry eye between guests. The best man gave a traditional speech with an added twist of incorporating Glen's love for maintaining his garden and buying him a new lawnmower. The bride and groom cut the cake and the wedding reception began. The first dance was a beautiful moment which the guests began to join the couple on the dance floor. The evening finished with Natasha Meek Photography organising a small photo booth for the couple to enjoy a very different guest book.

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