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I am probably the most awkward person when in front of the camera, so I can appreciate how daunting a photo shoot or wedding can be; so my aim is to make you feel as relaxed as possible to gain the most natural shots. Photography to me is more than a business, it is part of my life and you will always find me with a camera in tow regardless of the event; much to my husband's annoyance when I disappear to grab the perfect shot.



My main passion is wedding photography, it is an indescribable feeling being a part of a very intimate part of your life and I am always honoured to capture every second of this. As we spend so much time together, I always build a brilliant rapport with my couple's prior as this allows me to get the most relaxed and beautifully emotive shots from the day. I am pleased to say that I still have these relationships even four years on! A disclaimer about me, I do get very excited when I am able to capture the shot that I see in my mind; so you may see me umping up and down at being able to achieve this. I ensure that my images are the best they can be however, there is always something to learn. 


Because of this, I have  completed a Diploma in Wedding Photography in February 2017. I continue mentoring through The Guild of Photographers and I regularly attend training sessions to learn new and brilliant techniques to incorporate in my images. 










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